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Lewis & Clark College / 0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd, Portland, OR 97219

We will have a rideshare-connection signup sheet at the Info Booth, for folks wanting to share rides back to PDX.


It’s bigger than you think! If you’re not a lodger, allow at least 30 minutes to park and find your way around if you’ve never been to Lewis and Clark before! I personally would suggest coming in an hour or more early, to enjoy the beautiful grounds.

Covered bike parking is available at J.R. Howard Hall, Templeton Campus Center, and Watzek Library.

campus map_with paths.jpg


Please note that PARKING IS NOT ALL CONNECTED so be sure to pay attention to which number street-entrance you need. They’re all clearly labeled onsite (and with the black-block #s, above). We will have maps available at all of our locations. There are many parking lots about campus, marked on the above map with yellow circles.

Reserved parking spaces for alter-abled visitors are available on all campuses. Campus Safety can assist in locating a space at (503) 768-7855, or see map above.


  • Black Box / Smith / Albany Vending: use entrance 2 and park in lot E.

  • Showcase / Pavilion / Donna’s Lecture class: use entrance 4 and park in lot H or I.

  • Lodging: use entrance 5 or 6, and park in lots J, K, M or L.

  • Visiting multiple locations: park where you like and allow 5-10 minutes time for walking between buildings.

CAMPUS MAP - Accessibility Pathways

campus map_accessibility.jpg

Please note: our Preparty Meet-and-Greet is at the Reflecting Pool, which is a grassy area accessed by uneven/gravel paths. Please use caution when using mobility devices, and let us know if you would like any assistance, we are happy to provide it.



The Cheapest! One 2-hour Trimet ticket, $2.40. Travel time ~90 minutes, with wait times

  • Hop on the MAX train redline Westbound, via the station near baggage claim in the airport (follow the signs).

  • Disembark at Mall/SW 5th Ave MAX station, Stop ID 8382. (~30 minutes)

  • Walk across the street to the bus stop at SW 5th and Morrison, Stop ID 7625 (You can also just catch a cab or rideshare from this stop, for ~$15

  • Board Bus 12; Sandy Blvd to Tigard TC

  • Disembark at SW Barber and Terwilleger, Stop ID 191 (~15 minutes)

  • Board Bus 39 to Lewis & Clark College THURSDAY & FRIDAY ONLY, this bus does not run on Sat/Sun.

  • Disembark at Lewis & Clark Campus & Templeton Student Center, Stop ID 12732 (~11 minutes)

2) Cab or Rideshare $35-$50 per car, no traffic. Travel time ~35 minutes, no traffic.

  • There’s always a line of cabs and rideshare companies (Uber/Lyft) waiting at the airport outside arrivals, which is probably your quickest bet to get to the fest.

  • For the return trip, we recommend using Dreaming Amelia’s partner Ronny’s cab company, Orange Taxi Cab Company! Just for us, trips from L&C to PDX are capped at $65, even if there’s traffic. (No traffic rates are ~$50). Cabs can take 3-4 people per car, with no additional cost for more people. Book via the site, phone, or text. http://www.tigardtaxicabservice.com

3) Find a Friend



Easily get around using the Trimet Trip planner! Use it to search your timing and location requirements and it will tell you exactly how to get around on the MAX train, bus, streetcar and walking. Trip Planner is available throughout the entire Portland-metro area. Adult Fare (good for bus, MAX and streetcar) is $2.40 for 2-hours, or 5$ for all-day.

Take the MAX train into downtown Portland, from the lobby of the PDX airport! From there, you can catch a bus or a rideshare to Lewis & Clark.