JamBallah Northwest - Aug 2-4 2019

A Festival of Middle Eastern Dance and American Fusion

A grand three-day celebration, every August in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Join us!

Zoe Jakes, Donna Mejia, Lewis&Clark College (2019 venue). Photo of Zoe by Casey Campbell Photography

Zoe Jakes, Donna Mejia, Lewis&Clark College (2019 venue). Photo of Zoe by Casey Campbell Photography

Why Choose JamBallah NW?

  • Shows/Workshops/Vending are all held at ONE address, at Lewis and Clark College near the heart of beautiful Portland, Oregon. (What else is there to do here?)

  • Inclusivity: The first goal of JamBallah NW is inclusivity, on every level. We work hard in an ongoing effort to make the festival a place where YOU feel celebrated and welcomed. Please see below for our complete mission statement.

  • Style diversity! You won't find a more varied amount of styles in one festival! We can learn so much from each other. Try something new, or dig deeper into your style of choice.

  • Advanced-level 3hr classes are capped at 25 to allow instructors to support students while offering challenging material.

  • Artisan vendor faire offers a splendid array of jewelry, streetwear, and costuming. Support small businesses and look fabulous doing it!

  • World-class entertainment happens all weekend long! Check out the Showcases page for a complete list of the shows, parties, and events.


The JamBallah NW mission is to celebrate all facets and faces of the bellydance community, together in a chic, inclusive atmosphere. We believe in supporting experimentation on the edges of fusion, while maintaining a strong respect and connection to the stylistic and cultural roots of belly dance (and everything in between.) We believe in promoting education, discussion, and diversity to strengthen our worldwide community.

We want YOU to feel welcomed and supported! Feel free to email jamballahnw at gmail dot com or use the anonymous 'contact us' form on the site at any time to let us know how we can do this better.

JamBallah NW debuted in August 2011,  and has been showcasing the substantial talent of the Pacific Northwest as well as bringing in master instructors from across the United States and beyond. From glittering pros to dance-curious explorers, JamBallah NW is a place to share and refine techniques, make new friends, try something new, and gain inspiration.

This project is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Join us!

Khadijah JamBallah '17, by Casey Campbell Photography

Khadijah JamBallah '17, by Casey Campbell Photography

Elise is a proud member of the Portland Bellydance Guild. Visit their site for more info on the local dance community!

DeAnna Freeman and Friends - JamBallah '17

DeAnna Freeman and Friends - JamBallah '17