Perform at JamBallah NW!

Photos by Phoebus-Foto

Photos by Phoebus-Foto

Yay, We'd love to have you!

We have a limited number of performance spots in our five shows throughout the weekend.

Application forms are announced and sent out in late Feb/early March each year, usually one week after class registration opens. Applications are first emailedto Newsletter subscribers atas a benefit of subscription. They are later posted publicly here and on the JBNW Facebook page.

Performance spots are open to everyone! Pro or student or in-between, experimental, stylistically pure, fusion, project, troupe, off-the-wall... come dance with us!

  • PERFORMANCE SPOTS: 5 minutes maximum
  • SPOTS ARE ASSIGNED: First-come first-served by application-form timestamp, no exceptions. Spots are assigned until we run out of room, after that a waitlist is formed. 
  • VENUE: All performances will take place in the lovely black-box stage at the Artist's Repertory Theatre.
  • SHOW ASSIGNMENT: Is at the discretion of the producer. All five shows feature attendees. See Showcases page for more info.
  • STAGE SPECS: will be sent once you're accepted.


1. Music is due NO LATER THAN midnight on July 10, 2017, in a single track with your group's name as the start of the song name. AIFF or WAV format preferred, MP3 if no alternative. (MP3 files produce lower-quality sound on a pro board) Email your music file or download-link to Failure to submit music by the due date will result in a loss of your performance spot. If two performers choose the same music, the one who got it in first will get first priority. If your file is too big to email, I like DropBox and WeTransfer for sending downloadable links.

2. Support the fest! All non-instructor participants must be registered for a minimum of three hours, so either two 2-hour ALL classes, OR one 3-hr INT/ADV class. 'Troupe Total': Groups of 5+ may sign up for the equivalent of one 2hr class per person to hit their 'troupe total', but each person is not required to be registered individually. You will have until July 10 to meet this requirement or you forfeit your spot to someone on the wait list. (Musicians who join the show to provide live music for performers are exempt from class requirements.) Example: There are 5 people in my troupe. We will need to have at least 10 class hours between all of us to meet the troupe total to retain our spot, but each person don't need to be signed up for something individually.

3. Performers are allowed a MAXIMUM of one dance spot as part of a solo, duet, trio, or quad.  No limit for performing in Large Troupes (5+ members onstage) Examples: I'm performing with two Large Troupes (5+ members onstage)- OK. I'm performing with my trio and also want to do a solo- (SORRY, NOT OK). I'm performing with my duet and also with a Large Troupe (5+ members onstage)- OK.

4. Performers will be required to meet the minimum class purchase for each spot separately, if accepted for multiple spots. Example: I am performing in a Large Troupe (5+ members onstage), and also as a soloist. To retain both spots I will need to sign up for one 2-hr class for the troupe, and also one 3-hr OR two 2-hr classes for the solo.

5. Multiple pieces in one spot: Yup! But the entire set must fall within your 5m allotment, including transition time.

6. Live music? Awesome! Setup/teardown must fall within your 5m allotment. Live musicians must supply their own amps and microphones.



  • Application videos: Don't stress! Videos are not a requirement. If you decide to submit one, they don't have to be professional-grade. A nice solid one of you in your living room is fine as long as it gives me an idea of your strengths.
  • Pro, semi-pro or student, you belong on our stage! One of the main reasons I do this fest is to get as many bellydancers as possible onto a gorgeous black box stage with real lighting. So even if you're still a student, take this opportunity to get some experience (and a great video and photos) in a real live theater!
  • Application forms are emailed out to Newsletter subscribers first as a benefit of subscription in Feb or March. They will later be posted publicly here on the site. If you really want a spot, get on that Newsletter list and make sure Gmail knows to send them to your Inbox, not 'Promo' folder or spam.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY: We will have official photographers on site who will provide social-media approved photos to performers free of charge, as well as a professional videographer from whom you may purchase your multi-angle video. Videos will always be 10$, the rest subsidized by the fest. There is NO outside photography or videography allowed during the JamBallah Showcase shows on Fri/Sat evening, but you may ask someone to photograph you if you are in the Festival Shows on Fri/Sat/Sun afternoon.

DISCLAIMER: Applying to perform is not a guarantee that you will be able to do so. We will try very hard to fit everyone in but we can’t promise everyone will get a spot.