Artisan Vendor Faire (2017 List)

Fri 12:30p-7:30p/ Sat 11a-8p / Sun 11a-3:30p    FREE ENTRY



Talismana Designs  

Portland, OR * Website

Urban tribal style pocket belts, bustles, fusion fashion and mojo jewelry. Modern design infused with old soul.

raw textiles.jpg

R.A.W. Textiles

Portland, OR * Website

1) Sacred textiles hand dyed with plants, minerals , and insects. Small one of a kind yardage selections, veils, scarves, vintage lace trims and elastics. Custom orders welcome!
2) I am a maker of sacred things and I work with plants, minerals and insects to create color and pattern on textiles. I have also created a lingerie collection with my textiles and this ties in with movement of the body. I have been a bellydancer for over 20 years and I make my own costumes plus veils so I thought it would wonderful to dye veils and fabric goods for dancers to make their own costumes. I have experienced the magic of sacred dance and I believe my textiles; which are made with conscious love an intention will attract dancers with devotion for dance in unison with nature. :)


Silk Road Tribal

Seattle, WA * Website

Step inside the Silk Road Tribal Travelling Souk and imagine yourself in the marketplace of an exotic far away land being tempted by an array of vintage tribal jewelry, luscious textiles old and new, and colorful tribal clothing. All that and more await you at Silk Road Tribal!

grassroots logo.jpg

Grassroots Beadery

Centennial, CO * Website

Grassroots Beadery allows you to express your individualism by embellishing your appearance with handmade jewelery & clothing. We pride ourselves in creating styles that are simply stunning & unique. Each piece is handcrafted by our designer using only AAA quality materials. Designs have never been duplicated over the 20 year career of our artist.


Desert Lilies Bazaar

Arcata, CA * Website

At Desert lilies bazaar you'll find a variety of items: jewelry, belts, headbands, hair flowers, and so much more! We love to make things for everyone so our sizes extend from 34" to 56". If we don't have something you want, let us know! We can do custom work! Stop by to let your inner dancer bloom!

Pamela Offret Designs (1) 2.jpg

Pamela Offret Designs

Portland, OR * Website

I am a local artist offering personally hand made lampworked borosilicate glass jewelry, glass chain mail, recycled glass jewelry and other delightful accoutrements!  My belly dance costumes are designed and crafted with the unabashedly brazen dancer in mind; I'm not dainty with my own costumes and I don't expect it of you.