Thank you so much for joining us!

JAMBALLAH NW:  Aug 10-12, 2018.  Expected number of festival attendees: 400+.

Vendor Payment and Sponsor Contact Info

Payment in full and contract due by June 1, or your space may be released to another vendor.

Checks may be made out to Elise Morris (preferred, as Paypal is the devil.)

Snail Mail Address: Elise Morris/5100 sw 149th ave/Beaverton OR 97007

Paypal: (If you choose to use PP, please include the PP fee in the amount sent. Recipient does not pay fees.)

Need to call/text? My number is 503-848-0445

SMSU Stage Chairs.jpg


Smith Memorial Student Union, at Portland State University

1825 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97201

Room 355, the Ballroom

It is completely indoors, climate controlled, and enormous. 

This will be our venue for ALL workshops and shows. The near half of the ballroom (to the stage) will be classes/show audience, the far half will be vendors. There are public restrooms onsite.  Vendors must provide their own changing areas.

Loading Dock Map.jpg

The vendor area is free and open to the public, so feel free to invite everyone!

ATTENDING SHOWS: All shows will hopefully be viewable from the vendor area (if we can get the pipe and drape low enough). Vendors are welcome to watch from their booths as possible, or take any unused seating in the audience area for any of the shows. This venue has a larger capacity so there should be plenty of room for everyone, even for the evening shows. This means that vendor breakdown on Sunday has been moved to directly after the final show, so as not to disturb the performance.



Loadin (optional): Thursday 9th 6:30-7:30p, one hour only

Loadin/Setup: Fri 10th 8:30a-12:30p

We will have loadin volunteers on site to help you cart stuff around. We are on the third floor of the Smith Memorial Student Union Building, Room 355. There is elevator and stair access.

SMSU Floorplan 3rd floor.jpg


Fri 10th 1p-7:30p * Sat 11th 11a-8p * Sun 12th 11a-5:30p


Sunday 12th, 5:30p-7:30p

We will have volunteers available to help you tear down and load out.

Vendor Setup Map SMSU_final.jpg

Vending Layout

#1 Dark Fusion Boutique

#2 Dreaming Amelia

#3 Booknerd Bindery

#4 Sakkara Clothing & Costume

#5 n/a

#6 Desert Lilies Bazaar

#7 Pamela Offret Designs

#8 n/a

#9 Shiviti Bazaar

#10 Portland Bellydance Guild

#11 Up Wood Working

#12 n/a

#13 Faery Hair

#14 Phoebus-Foto

#15 Mishu Boutique

Load-In, Security + Over-Night Storage

Narcissa Productions llc, associate producers, volunteers and personnel are not responsible for any theft, damage, or any other risk of vending.

The building will be open from 30m prior to the first class till close of show daily, and locked overnight.  You may wish to cover or otherwise secure your goods during non-vending hours during the shows.  We will have official JamBallah volunteers attending the doors and loosely monitoring the vendor area whenever the room is unlocked.

Loading Paths and Assistance

TBD- there are elevators that stop just outside the ballroom.

Narcissa Productions llc will provide volunteers to lift and carry items during setup and teardown times.

Vendors are requested to respect posted vending times (no breaking down early, please!  It disrupts the other vendor’s business!)  Feel free to stay open later than official vending hours on Fri and Sat for the shows if you like.

Vending Space Specs

Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables, equipment, racks, mirrors, display cases, table-covers, and general display, which should be visually appealing and professional in appearance.

If you ever need a booth-sitter, for a short time bio break or for a larger chunk if you want to see a show or take a class, please let me know beforehand, or ask at the Info Booth. We have a list of experienced and trusted volunteers who can jump in to help you out.

Pop-up canopies and EZ frames: NO canvas tops. Frames OK.

Electricity is available for lights and other uses, BRING EXTENSION CORDS as all booths are in the middle of the room.

Vendors must provide their own changing areas.

There may be loud music or noise during vending hours, as the vendor area is shared with the shows/classroom area. We will try to keep the noise to a reasonable level.

We will have a limited number of 6' tables available, and plenty of chairs.  Please inquire about availability prior to setup.

Please note: Vending fees are due in full by June 1, or your spot may be reassigned. Cancellation fees apply after contracts are signed.

Size/Price info:

Medium- 10'x10'- 285$

Large- 10'x20'- 485$

Single 6' Table- 185$

Large Table- 15'x5'-


Festival responsibility: Put up and maintain the vendor page on the site, and mention the 'free artisan vendor fair' it in newsletters, on FB, and in marketing materials. Feel free to send me new pics or updates for the vendor page at any point. I will try to do at least one mention on FB and in the newsletters of each vendor. If you're having a sale, releasing a new line, or have some interesting thing on social media, send it over and I'll try to help you get the word out. I also try to do individual vendor shout-outs on social media, but I often don't get to everyone agh! That's the goal though!

Vendor responsibility: Please let your fans know you'll be joining us for JamBallah this year, for a free-entry artisan vendor fair featuring a wide variety of imported, local, and handmade wares to adorn, dress and delight. Please link to on your website, social media platforms, and in any newsletters. It is also a huge help to put out festival flyers at other vending occasions where appropriate, as well as stuffing flyers into outgoing wares packets to be shipped off to customers. Let me know if I can send you a stack of flyers!

Vendor Questions

You are welcome to contact me if you have further questions and/or concerns.  Thanks so much!

Narcissa Productions LLC