Thanks so much for being a part of this celebration of our beautiful community!   I'm so honored to have you!


Agnes Flanagan Chapel at Lewis & Clark College, 0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd, Portland, OR 97219


Stage Manager - Marcie Dobyns: jamballahstage@gmail.com

Executive Producer - Elise (emergencies only): 503-848-0445

Stage: 820 square feet (exact dimensions TBA soon)

Stage: 820 square feet (exact dimensions TBA soon)

Agnes Flanagan Chapel Theater_all performances.jpg


  • Your music track MUST BE submitted as a single track with your group's name as the beginning of the song name.

  • AIFF, WAV, or MP3 format. Email music file to jamballahmusic@gmail.com (If the file is too big to email, use Google Drive, WeTransfer, or Dropbox).


Performance Lengths: 5 minutes maximum (Instructors, 6m max)

  • Multiple pieces/group configurations? Great! But the whole set has to fall within your 5m allotment, including transition time.

  • Live music? Awesome! Setup/teardown must fall within your 5m allotment. Live musicians must supply their own amps and microphones.

  • Tech Rehearsal? Unfortunately we are not able to offer tech rehearsals.


  • There will be ample dressing room space available, but no mirrors.

  • We will have lovely washes of stage lighting but at this time cannot guarantee any special lighting requests. There will be an opportunity to let us know the 'mood' of your piece when you fill out your Stage Notes form.

  • We are not able to offer plus-ones. Tell your folks to get on the mailing list for promo codes to the shows!

  • Professional quality photography of ALL performances will be offered by Casey Campbell Photography, Glisson Imaging, and Phoebus-Foto. Images are subsidized by the festival and offered free-use for all performers for promo/portfolio, though HD images for print will have to be negotiated separately through individual photographers.

  • Performers are welcome to watch the shows from any unsold seats FOR THE SHOW YOU ARE IN. All attendees are also welcome to attend the afternoon shows for free, on days that you attend classes.

  • Music and themes used in performance at these all-ages shows must be family-friendly (See 'rules and regulations' for clarification)

  • Videographer info TBD


  • Stage: 820 square feet (exact dimensions TBA soon)

  • Small wings on either side. Enter Stage LEFT or RIGHT

  • Lights reach the entire stage.

  • Floor is smooth wood.

  • We will have a backdrop, which is the two flats that we used last year. No other stage dressings.

  • Capacity: 400 seats


*All shows start ON TIME so please be checked in and ready to rock 30m before your show is set to start. If you are coming from a class, arrive as soon as you can. 

*All Shows: Check in with the Stage Manager upon arrival, who will be backstage. If you need help finding backstage, ask at the Info Booth. 

*If you are coming from a class to perform, please let us know. You will be put in the second half of the show if at all possible. It's a good idea to plan to go to class in stage makeup, and you will need to change onsite.

JB Showcase Night I:

FRIDAY Aug 2 CALLTIME 7p SHOW 7:30-10p

NOT final show order MC: TBD

  • Amy Sigil SOLO

  • Donna Mejia

  • Scarlet Thistle

  • Morgan Fay

  • Henna

  • Ashley Lopez

  • Allegro Dance Co

  • Portland Salimpour Collective

  • Elena Villa

  • Kate Soleil

  • Joanna Ashleigh

  • Chalice

  • Shanti Bardot & Jonathan Kipp

  • Raqs Ayana

  • Nicole

  • Qabila Folkdance Co

  • Lumina Dance Co

  • Tribalation

  • Souzana

  • Aksana Danilava

  • Myristica

Festival Show Part 1:


NOT final show order MC: TBD

  • Ashley Throw

  • Lacey NhicDoom

  • Stella Vee

  • Radeyah Vashti

  • Jordan Lenore

  • Emily Purvis

  • G*psy Caravan and Carvan Project Portland

  • Ahndine & Jessaiah

  • Laura Elisabeth

  • Accio Sparkles

  • Amber Philpott

  • Elizabeth Kerry

  • Sol'Aura Pearl

  • Jewels

  • Sahira

JB Showcase Night II:

SATURDAY Aug 3 CALLTIME 7:30p SHOW 8-10:30p 

NOT final show order MC: TBD

  • Zoe Jakes

  • Louis Halley

  • Amy Sigil, ITS JAM

  • Esraa Warda

  • Sweta Ravisankar

  • Claudia

  • Ashley Lopez & Students

  • Deep Roots Dance

  • Heather Powers

  • Emilie Lauren

  • Ella Moore

  • Alhambra Tribal Dance

  • Tribal Heart BellyDance

  • Rin

  • Tessera Tribal

  • Eternal Sands

  • Celandine Danse

  • Black Diamond Belly Dance

  • Sharron

  • Aryn

  • Desi D’Amour

Festival Show Part 2

SATURDAY Aug 3 CALLTIME 12:30p, SHOW 1:00-2p

NOT final show order MC: TBD

  • Veronica Sims

  • Toni

  • Jennara

  • Rose Hips

  • Nagamani Dance

  • SassHole

  • Layali

  • Troupe Azhaar

  • Veiled Moon

  • Sedona Soulfire Student Group

  • Sidahlia

  • Jen

  • Caitlin Prince

  • Chelse

Festival Show Part 3:

SUNDAY Aug 4 CALLTIME 3p SHOW 3:30-5:00p

NOT final show order MC: TBD

  • Farida Mazar

  • Natya Papaya

  • Willow Wraith

  • Kismet

  • Sitara

  • Emilie Lauren Students

  • Nancy Trunzo

  • Sitara

  • Tiphany Starr and Savannah Demers

  • Benu Fire

  • B. B. Sanchez

  • Niki Farley, might change

  • Laurie Nixon

  • Sophia Ravenna

  • RockaBelly

  • Niusha

  • Sabine

  • Lost and Found Bellydance


Please read the Rules and Due Dates below- failure to follow directions may result in loss of your spot.

1. Music is due NO LATER THAN midnight July 1, 2019, in a single track with your group's name as the start of the song name.

  • AIFF or WAV format preferred, MP3 ok too (MP3 files produce much lower-quality sound on a pro board.) No MP4s.

  • Email music file or download link to jamballahmusic@gmail.com.

  • Failure to submit music by the due date will result in a loss of your performance spot.

  • If two performers choose the same music, the one who got it in first will get first priority.

  • If your file is too big to email, I like Google Drive, DropBox and WeTransfer for sending downloadable links.

2. Support the fest! All non-instructor participants must be registered for a minimum of two classes (due July 1).

  • EXCEPTION: If you are performing with an instructor in their Instructor Spot, you are exempt from class registration requirements for that spot.

  • EXCEPTION: If you are performing in a large group of five or more, every person performing must be registered for at least ONE class, or make a donation to the scholarship fund of $40 or more.)

  • EXCEPTION: Musicians who join the show to provide live music for performers are exempt from class registration requirements.

  • Scholarship recipients may use their scholarship classes to meet performance requirements.


3. Performers are allowed a MAXIMUM of one dance spot as part of a solo, duet, or trio.

  • No limit for performing in large groups, 4+ members onstage Examples: I'm performing with two large groups (4+ members onstage)- OK. I'm performing with my trio and also want to do a solo- (SORRY, NOT OK). I'm performing with my duet and also with a Large Group (4+ members onstage)- OK.

4. Performers will be required to meet the minimum class purchase for each spot separately, if accepted for multiple spots.

5. Multiple pieces in one spot: Yup! But the entire set must fall within your 5m allotment, including transition time.

6. Live music? Awesome! Setup/teardown must fall within your 5m allotment. Live musicians must supply their own amps and microphones.


8. NO Loose glitter or body glitter. It gets in the lights. We will have fixing-spray onsite for face glitter.

9. NO liquid cleanup of any kind. We are not able to accommodate any kind of spilled liquid onstage.

10. Music and themes used in performance at these all-ages shows must be 'family friendly'; i.e. mostly free of expletives and entirely free of reference to violent or illegal activities, explicit sex, racial or any type of slur, any of the 'isms' or 'phobias', (racism, sexism, transphobia, etc) and any other extremely disturbing or controversial material.

  • Exceptions to this rule must be agreed upon in writing by Elise at least two weeks prior to the show, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. With proper warning to the audience, certain extreme material may be approved.

  • Themes involving social, political or religious commentary are generally welcome, but must be approved in writing. We need to be prepared to present the material properly to the audience.

  • Acts using inappropriate themes/music without prior notice may be stopped mid-performance, and for egregious violations, performers may be banned from future performance opportunities.

  • Feel free to push the envelope in topics and audience comfort, but don't be an edgelord and always check with me first

11. Specific show assignments are at the discretion of the producer.

12. Please adhere to calltime, 30m prior to start of show.  You are expected to be ready to perform at any time during your show, if an emergency lineup-shift occurs.  (We'll *try* not to, but s^$# happens.)


If you haven’t already please mark that you are “going” to the event on Facebook.  Please invite your fans/friends/family to the event as well, and let them know you'll be performing! We also have flyers and posters, please contact me if you would like to help with distribution. Every little bit helps to fill those seats and get you the audience you deserve!

Thanks so much again, much love and here's to upcoming greatness! Love to all!

~Elise, Narcissa Productions LLC & Executive Producer JamBallah NW