Thanks so much for joining us, you are amazing and I am honored to have you! Hopefully the following will help you plan for your classes, and answer any venue or equipment questions.

IF YOU NEED ANYTHING PROVIDED (like a whiteboard or the projector) YOU NEED TO TELL ME BEFOREHAND, WITH AS MUCH NOTICE AS POSSIBLE. Thanks for understanding!


Yahoo!! Along with your free video/photos and instructor gift bag, here are some options you may wish to take advantage of.

  • Free Classes: You may show up at any class day-of and take a spot in the class, assuming there's room.
    • When you arrive, just let the check-in person know you're an instructor and would like to take the class. If the class has space, they'll just need to take your name down.
    • Feel free to check with the Info Booth beforehand to see if a class is sold out or not. Even sold-out classes often have 2-3 people not show up, so chances are great (though not 100% guaranteed) that you'll get in.
    • You're welcome to take any and as many classes as you like this way.
    • If you would like to guarantee yourself a spot in any one class, please click here to purchase a regular ticket.  
  • Free Merch Item: Stop by the Info Booth to pick up a free JBNW Tee, Tank Top, Longsleeve, or Travel Cup!
    • Just let the Info Booth staff know you're an instructor and would like to pick out your free merch item.
    • (Slouchy Pullovers & Dresses not included in free item lineup)
    • If you would like to purchase additional merch, ask the Info Booth staff about the discounted volunteers/instructors price structure.
  • Free Shows:
    • Instructors are welcome to watch any of the shows for free, even ones you are not in, from any unsold seats that may be available.


JAMBALLAH NW:  Aug 11-13th, 2017.

Smith Memorial Student Union at Portland State University

1825 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97201

Elise's contact info:

Text/phone: 503-848-0445

Email: (or any of my other emails, they all go to the same inbox.)


Unfortunately, we're once again the same weekend as the Portland Bridge Pedal, so if you're teaching Sunday morning be aware that closes most of the bridges in Portland from 7a-12:30p. The MAX train is a great alternative. If not, you can take I-5 SB to 1-405NB, both of which are supposedly open- and get off at exit 2A. Expect traffic.


Please add JamBallah to your professional calendars, sites, newsletter, and join the FB page if you haven't already. I will tell you in my six years doing this, the people who fill classes and get paid are the people who invite their fans. People WANT to come see you, let them know to plan to find you here!

Facebook Event:

JamBallah Site:

Marketing Images: Here in this Drive folder, if you want to add them to your marketing materials. 


Please plan to arrive onsite 20m before your class is due to start, so you can be properly prepared.

Please plan to end your class on time, (5m over ok but no more), to be respectful of those teaching after you and also students darting off to other events. Thanks so much!

Feel free to bring merch to sell before/after classes, as long as it doesn't interfere with other classes prep! We can supply tables outside each classroom for this purpose, or you can sneak into the Info Booth and sell from there at any point during the weekend.

Need something? Email me beforehand, or just ask at the Info booth-- we can help with food pickup, supplies for class, rides, or anything else at all. (Advance notice appreciated!)

Smith Ballroom, 3rd Floor. 40 capacity

  • Studio A classes: Inclusive Dance, Tango Orient, Improve your Improv,  Get There, Get Down, Funky Travel Party, Jehan: The Elegance of Contemporary Drum Solo, Flamenco Fusion with Duende, Afghani Folk Dance Choreography
  • Room: 50 x 50' (classroom area)
  • Floor: Hardwood
  • Mirrors?: no
  • Sound: speakers, with ipod/laptop port.

Vanport Room, 3rd Floor. 30 capacity

vanport room.jpg
  • Studio B classes: Epic Veil Choreography, Turns and Arabesques, Nuba, Part 1 & Nuba, Part 2, Turkish Roman, Arabic & Berber Symbols LECTURE, Bring it Together
  • Room: 50x30 feet
  • Floor: Hardwood
  • Mirrors?: No
  • Sound: Block Rocker, with ipod/laptop port.

Room 296, 2nd floor. 30 capacity

  • Studio C classes: Tribal Fusion Bellydance Technique, Amazigh/Berber Shimmies, Turkish Drama, Strong Roots, Mighty Tree, Mystery in Movement, Technique & Stagecraft, Dance your Zills Off
  • Room: 29x49'
  • Floor: hardwood
  • Mirrors?: No
  • Sound: Block Rocker, with ipod/laptop port.
  • Please note: All furniture will be removed from the room prior to classes.


We have a projector for your use if you like, it's a BenQ MW519 DLP Projector - 720p - HDTV

You will be running everything from your laptop, so plan to have your presentation all prepped on your laptop prior. You will be plugging in your laptop to the projector using an HDMI port (below), and also plugging your laptop into speakers if you have audio you would like to play.


This is an HDMI port. If your computer has one of those, you're golden.

We will provide cords for HDMI and audio. Be sure to bring your laptop cord to plug it in so it keeps charged. 
If you have an old computer or something that doesn't have an HDMI port, you'll either have to bring your own cables that plug into video projectors, or if you really can't figure it out let me know and we'll talk. 

It's a good idea to load your presentation onto a usb drive, just in case you have technical issues with your computer. We will have my laptop there for emergencies, which we know for sure plugs into the projector.