About the JamBallah NW producer

Elise Morris, Narcissa Productions LLC

Elise is an experimental fusion dancer from beautiful Portland, OR. Her love of geekery, drama, and Middle Eastern music and dance shines out from her performance, and her love of the Portland performing arts community is just as strong. She is a founding member and former President of the Portland Bellydance Guild, a principal dancer with the Allegro Dance Company, recently invited to perform at the prestigious Ten Tiny Dances event, a 2017 Dance Ambassador and proud member of Dance Wire PDX, and executive producer of Narcissa Productions LLC and JamBallah NW. Look for other Narcissa Productions events around the Portland area, including the Cabaret Variété burlesque and dance revue - an ongoing partnership with Bag & Baggage Productions at the beautiful Vault Theater!

Extended Bio:

Before starting JamBallah NW in 2011, Elise cut her production teeth partnering with Endymienne (aka DJ Mienne) and Jen Samson on the now-retired Bellydance Uncorked, a monthly dance revue in Portland showcasing top-shelf, unique and compelling dancers and live music from all over the Pacific Northwest- as well as sponsoring out-of-town performers for workshops and shows. The name 'Narcissa Productions' was contrived in conversation with Jen Samson and Endymienne, and was adopted as a teasing reminder that we are never as important as we may be tricked by circumstance into thinking.

Elise continues to strive for refinement and inspiration in her dance, and attends as many varied classes and workshops as she can from both local and imported teachers in the Portland area.  She is a holder of the official Practitioner's Certification in The 8 Elements™ Approach.  Elise is endlessly grateful to her dance community, Bianca for helping her get JamBallah off the ground all those years ago, and most of all her long-suffering husband and family for their unceasing love and support.  

If I tried to thank everyone who I've been supported and inspired by over the years, we'd be here all day. I hope you know who you are. I did however want to say a special thank you to the teachers I've worked with over the years, on a long-term level (in order of appearance); Paulette Rees-Denis for starting it all for me with the home that was Caravan Studio, Michele Gila who taught me inner strength and outer slink, Severina, who taught me to love spins, Emilie Lauren who fixed my feet, Rachel Brice for her inspiring personal integrity and commitment, Ashley Lopez for believing in me and pushing me when I needed it the most, and my dearest Allegro Dance Company warriors for all that we’ve done and continue to do.


The JamBallah NW mission is to celebrate all facets and faces of the bellydance community, together in a chic, inclusive atmosphere. We believe in supporting experimentation on the edges of fusion, while maintaining a strong respect and connection to the stylistic and cultural roots of belly dance (and everything in between.) We believe in promoting education, discussion, and diversity to strengthen our worldwide community.

I want YOU to feel welcomed and supported! Feel free to email info at jamballahnw.com or use the anonymous 'contact us' form on the site at any time to let me know how we can do this better.

By  Phoebus-Foto , Elise performs with Michael Beach's Arabesque'

By Phoebus-Foto, Elise performs with Michael Beach's Arabesque'

'Harley Quinn', photo by  Casey Campbell Photography

'Harley Quinn', photo by Casey Campbell Photography

The Allegro Dance Company , partial. For our ‘Mermaids’ piece choreographed by Elise and Bevin Victoria. Photo by Phoebus-Foto

The Allegro Dance Company, partial. For our ‘Mermaids’ piece choreographed by Elise and Bevin Victoria. Photo by Phoebus-Foto