2016 Vendors

At the JamBallah NW FREE ENTRY vendor Faire, adorn yourself with everything that sparkles, jingles and shines, (and preview it right here!)


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2017 Vendor application

Faery Hair Sparkles

Portland, OR * Facebook * Website

Available in the vending area Sat 3-8p & Sun 11:30-3p.

Sparkling strands of faery hair woven gently into your tresses, one strand at a time. Faery Hair sparkles are high quality fine silk sparkling threads that are tied into hair for a magical effect. They can be treated just like regular hair: wash, brush, dry, henna, curl and dye as usual. They catch the light and shimmer for anywhere from a day to several months, depending on the whims of the faeries.  Average is 3-4 weeks.

We use only original, authentic Fhairy Strands purchased directly from faecraft.com. True Faery Hair is long lasting, durable, and beautiful. Serafaery has been faery hair sparkling in Portland for over five years, with the help of her sparkle buddy, Pixie. She is available for parties, events, and personal sparklings.



Silk Road Tribal

Seattle, WA * www.silkroadtribal.com

Step inside the Silk Road Tribal Travelling Souk and imagine yourself in the marketplace of an exotic far away land being tempted by an array of vintage tribal jewelry, luscious textiles old and new, and colorful tribal clothing. All that and more await you at Silk Road Tribal!



Talismana Designs  

Portland, OR * Website

Urban tribal style pocket belts, bustles, fusion fashion and mojo jewelry. Modern design infused with old soul.


Sakkara Clothing & Costume

Portland, OR * Website * Facebook Page

At Sakkara Clothing & Costume, we produce women’s dance and activewear with a focus on amazing fit, luxurious fabrics, and quality construction. Founded in 2010 by designer Kim Sakkara, SCC produces limited quantities with passion and creativity. Our line is 100% manufactured in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A..



Roving Horse Henna *JamBallah Instructor!*

Portland, OR * Facebook Page * Website

Check out Wendy's Class at JBNW '16: The Rhythm of Design

Rovinghorse Henna provides premium quality henna and skilled, professional service in the Pacific North West and West Coast regions of the US.  Rovinghorse Henna uses only the best henna available in the world, and the finest available aromatherapy grade essential oils. Our essential oil blends are uplifting and calming, never medicinal smelling. Well-maintained henna designs will last for two weeks or more! (Depending on location.) Take advantage of our new breathtaking gilding services (glitter and rhinestone designs that last for days.)


Oracle, Witch & Muse

USA * Etsy Store * Facebook Page * Website

A collective of hand crafted tribal adornments from Amy of Bold Oracle, Althena of Benne Gezeritt, and Jillian of the Verdant Muse. Each of us established designers in our own right, we decided to put our talents together to offer mix & match accessory components, collaborations, and themed collections. Our goal is to outfit you from head to toe in tribal fusionesque luxury, so you can externalize through your costuming the miraculous dancer you are inside and in the studio, bringing your personal artistry as a dancer to a stage-ready, professional, haunting new level.


Dreaming Amelia Designs

Portland, OR * Website * Facebook Page * Etsy Store

Dance fashion for performance and play.  These swishy, comfy styles look fabulous on the street, in the studio, and on the stage! 


Get Juilet

Seattle, WA * Etsy Store

Classy, whimsical wear for street or stage. "All of the items I list are one-of-a-kind and unique. I can custom make items as well. Each item is hand-crafted and made of quality materials."


Diva Dreads

California * Facebook Page * Website

Diva Dreads is a small business located in the heart of Southern California. We specialize in dread-falls and custom hair pieces for people of all walks of life. All  of our dreads are thoroughly hand back-combed and tightly sealed to ensure they are hard-wearing and will last a long time. Our style of dreads, standard or skinny, taper dramatically at the ends which gives length without the added weight. Our dreads can be customized in many different ways. The styles we currently offer are solid, blended, swirled, transitional and curled.

New!!! In addition to our dreads, we are now offering Braided hair falls.  Our braided hair falls come in many different styles from strait to curly.  



Furious Fancies

Spokane, WA * Website * Facebook Page * Etsy Store

Curiously Adorned; jewelry and adornment for tribal bellydance and every day.


Shiviti Bazaar

Ashland OR * Facebook Page * Website

After almost of decade of attending various festivals, I am seeking to bring what I see missing. Affordable, hand-made jewelry from Morocco modeled after older antique tribal styles. Reproduction Ottoman jewelry from Turkey and harder to find, Middle Eastern tribal jewelry with real coins. I do have a few pieces from Afghanistan, Pakistan & Uzbekistan, but they are individually selected for rareness, pleasing to the eye and durability. Hamsa from around the world and tribal Judaica. And textiles like sabra silks from N. Africa, vintage & antique Ottoman scarves with hand crochet and hand beaded edging, assuit hip scarves and flamenco triangular scarves with fringe and various rose patterns from Spain. I am striving to reproduce the shuks I experienced in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Marrakech, Fez, and Ubud (Bali) with a mixture of pieces, including a belly dancers vintage flea market. This would have accruements for home, studio, photo shoot, &/or performance. Things like Orientalist paintings, antique lithograph prints, and vintage/antiques that reflect our aesthetic. ~Zahara Solomon, Owner


Calamitous Costuming

Oakland, CA * Website

You've seen 'em on the butts of Unmata, members of House of Tarot, the Bhoomi Project and FatChanceBellyDance. Calamity Sam's famous Butt Covers by Calamitous Costuming have taken the I.T.S. world by storm, and are making their first appearance at JamBallah's Vendor Faire. "Dance it Like You Love it" Tanks, T-shirts and Stickers too.

DJ Amar

Oakland, CA * Facebook * Soundcloud * Website

Video services by Tribal Tech Support. DJ Amar will be shooting HD video of all performances at JamBallah

this year. You can order your video (at a greatly discounted price, since JamBallah has largely subsidized it for you. Performers may order video of their performances here:


DJ Amar and the Electric Vardo will also be presenting the official JamBallah decompression after party! Stay tuned for more info...


Jasmine Tea Soap Company

Fort Lewis, WA * Etsy Shop * Facebook

Jasmine Tea Soap company handcrafts old world, small batch, cold process soaps, as well as nourishing, hand-blended cream and oil recipes with which to lavish your body.  All ingredients are straight from the Earth. Let nature speak for itself.


Incendium Designs

Portland, OR * Etsy Shop * Facebook

Incendium Designs brings you handcrafted adornment for the ethereal and strange.  

Jewelry pieces are often inspired by bold symbolism, sacred geometry, old world gentility, and the quiet beauty of the natural world.  Each piece is 100% handmade with no two designs being completely alike; I hunt far and wide to select unique materials including gemstones, trade beads, organic matter, and other vintage findings that emanate an authentic, other worldly, and tactile aesthetic.  

Incendium Designs curates a dark, bohemian aesthetic and seeks to tell a story through ornamentation.



Dark Fusion Boutique

Portland, OR * Etsy Shop * Facebook

Dark Ladies, Fusion, and Boutique… Gentlemen!
Direct if you will, your attention stage ward as we introduce proudly; the outlandishly marvelous mesmerisms of costume reverie… The lace and the feathers and the sequins and trims, the ribbony rhinestones and fringe, from the fringes of fusiony fashion fantastique, and understated overstatement from the dark side… Let us behold the creations of the enchanted shadow-making seamstress Lucretia*Renee, and her tumultuously talented, serger stitching crème-de-brocade thread brigade, as they unveil before your eyes, a blinding season of devilishly delightful dark fusion fashion sorcery!

Additionally, drop by the TribalAccoutrements' peekaboo popup in the Dark Fusion booth to get your fix of lovely large-gague earrings, tribal anklets, and big chunky gorgeous headpieces. TribalAccoutrements is a new venture by new Portland transplant Miriam Behar! Check out her Etsy shop here for a preview.


L Rose Designs

Arcata, CA* Website * Facebook

L. Rose Designs is a small family owned business located on the Northern California coastline. We've been creating garments of exceptional craftsmanship for dancers since 1989 (Belly Dancers since 1992, and Streetwear since 2014) and are pleased to offer a complete online catalog of our wonderful designs.



Emily Alrick, Rachel Brice, and Fanina Padykula: JamBallah Showcases '12 and '13

Photography Studio by Glisson Imaging and Phoebus-Foto

Portland, OR* Glisson Imaging Site * Phoebus-Foto Site

Official Show Photographers of JamBallah NW (Along with Casey Campbell)

Professional photos are worth their weight in gold, schedule yours during the festival!

We will offer during Jamballah photo booth sessions with the following options:

1. - 30 minutes of booth time, 3 finished electronic images and a print release for same. One costume only please - $89.00

2.- 60 minutes of booth time, 6 finished images and print release for same. up to two costumes. - $169.00

3.- 90 minutes of booth time, 10 finished images and print release for same, plus and additional 10 images for web use only for a total of 20 images. Up to three costumes (time permitting ) - $249.00

Please note that time making costume changes is considered part of your booth shoot time. Watch for our Booth Special!

Please contact guy.masson@gmail.com to schedule your time with Phoebus-Foto or Glisson Imaging