Showcase, Parties and Performances (Showcase tickets available in late spring.)

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Raqs Ayana at JamBallah Showcase '13, photo by Casey Campbell

*Thursday Evening- Meet & Greet

A chance to chill and  before the storm of awesome! This year's will be hosted by the Portland Bellydance Guild.

Info coming soon

Shows, Workshop & Vending Location: 

*The Artist's Repertory Theatre Building

1515 Southwest Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97205


The JamBallah Showcases - Featuring Instructors and Specially Curated Attendee Performances

Opulent evenings of inspired performance- the very best mix of our beloved instructors mixed with a few very special attendee performances.  All shows are ALL AGES!  Grab a VIP ticket to get the best seating in the house, drink tickets, and signed poster. Buy before July 31 and save! Drinks and light concessions available in the Artist's Repertory Theatre lounge 1hr before event, and during intermission.

*Friday Evening - JamBallah Showcase Part I, 8-10:30pm

Special Preshow Happy Hour, Vending and Drinks one hour before showtime

More info and lineup coming soon


*Saturday Evening - JamBallah Showcase Part II, 8:30-11pm

Special Preshow Happy Hour, Vending and Drinks one hour before showtime

More info and lineup coming soon


The Festival Shows - Premier Attendee Performances

We just can't let the instructors have all the fun, not with all these world-class performers gathered to take part in the JamBallah Festival!  Come see these carefully crafted shows, which we have handpicked from the astounding talent on hand.  Two chances to witness performances of all styles, shapes, and sizes.  Be amazed and inspired,  and be sure to leave time before or after the shows to browse the fabulous vendors bazaar.  All-Ages. 5$ at door

*Saturday Afternoon Part I,12:30-2pm


Info coming soon

*Sunday Afternoon Part II,1-3pm


Info coming soon

2014 poster:


Dali Mamas at Undulation '13, photo by Casey Campbell

Parking and venue location info on our Schedules/Maps page. 

Restaurant and Hotel info on our Hotels/Activities page. 




Attendees, Please Note--Your Photograph May Be Taken At The JamBallah Northwest Festival.

To assist in future promotion, we will have professional photographers working throughout the event, at the workshops, shows, and other festival-specific gatherings.  Photographs of festival participants and their guests will be taken and posted on the JamBallah Northwest website, and/or the JamBallah Northwest Facebook page.  There is a possibility that your photograph may be taken and so used. We believe that this will enhance the overall experience of festivalgoers, and allow us to properly convey the atmosphere and awesomeness of the festival to the rest of the bellydance community! By attending the JamBallah Northwest festival, both workshops and events, you give your consent to the posting of such photographs by us and waive all rights and claims with respect to the posting of such photographs.

We do recognize an individual's rights to control how their image is portrayed.  If you ever object to a specific photo and want it removed, please email Be sure to reference the specific photo and include the URL of the page the photo appears on.