Thanks so much for being a part of this celebration of our beautiful community!   I'm so honored to have you!


Please note: if you are invited to perform with an instructor as part of their instructor piece in one of the evening shows, you are exempt from the performance rules for that piece (class purchase requirements, and limit on #times performing) .

Music MUST BE a single track with your group's name as the beginning of the song name.

AIFF or WAV format preferred, Mp3 if not. Email music file or download link to jamballahmusic@gmail.com (If the file is too big to email, you can use Google Drive, WeTransfer, or Dropbox).

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PERFORMANCE LENGTHS*No exceptions. These are long shows!

All Performance: 5 minutes maximum (Instructors, 6m max)

  • Multiple pieces/group configurations? Great! But the whole set has to fall within your 5m allotment, including transition time.
  • Live music? Awesome! Setup/teardown must fall within your 5m allotment. Live musicians must supply their own amps and microphones.


Setup day! Feel free to wander on in between 2 and 6p if you'd like to run your piece or to see the space. Be sure to bring your own music to play. If you are an instructor and would like a more official Tech Rehearsal with sound and lights, please email me at info@jamballahnw.com to set up a time so we can have that available. Unfortunately we have so many performers that we can only accommodate instructors for lights runthroughs. But anyone is welcome to come run their piece on the stage at any time up till 1hr preshow.

FRIDAY Aug 11 JamBallah Festival Show Part 1: CALLTIME 2p SHOW 2:30-4p

FRIDAY Aug 11 JamBallah Showcase Night I: CALLTIME 7p SHOW 7:30-10p

SATURDAY Aug 12 Festival Show Part 2: CALLTIME 12p, SHOW 12:30-2p

SATURDAY Aug 12 JamBallah Showcase Night II: CALLTIME 7:30p SHOW 8-10:30p

SUNDAY Aug 13 Festival Show Part 3: CALLTIME 3p  SHOW 3:30-5:30p

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Organizer Contact Info:

Festival Executive Producer: Elise Morris 503-848-0445, info@jamballahnw.com

Where/Venue Info:


Artists Repertory Theater

1515 sw Morrison St

ALL SHOWS will be held in the Alder Theater, downstairs.

Alder Stage Info

Capacity: 220 seats

Stage: 23’ long x 20’ deep.

Height: 14 feet up to the grid

Small wings on either side. Enter Stage LEFT, RIGHT, or through the audience (two vom hallways). LET THE STAGE MANAGER KNOW if you're entering from anywhere but stage LEFT.

Lights reach the entire stage.

Floor is black wooden stagefloor, but with so many layers of paint it's quite smooth- no grooves or divots.

We will have a few 'piles of treasures' in the back corners, you can see examples of what the stage might look like in this video here. We plan to leave as much dance space as possible available to you. 


Show Lineups/Calltime:

*All shows start ON TIME so please be checked in and ready to rock 30m before your show is set to start. If you are coming from a class you are allowed to be a few minutes late to calltime, so don't feel the need to leave your class early. 

*All Shows: Check in with the Stage Manager upon arrival, who will be backstage. If you need help finding backstage, ask at the Info Booth. 

*If you are coming from a class, (as marked on your application) you will be put in the second half of the show if at all possible. It's a good idea to plan to go to class in stage makeup, and you will need to change onsite (the shows are just downstairs from the classrooms).

FRIDAY Aug 11 JamBallah Festival Show Part 1: CALLTIME 2p SHOW 2:30-4p

(Exact Order for Show TBA)

Azella Mae
Joanna Ashleigh & Shanti Bardot
Danni St Athens
Niki of Corazon
Carouselle Tribal Belly Dance Company
Sol'Aura Pearl
Ann Shaffer
Mystical Phoenix
Veda D


FRIDAY Aug 11 JamBallah Showcase Night 1: CALLTIME 7p SHOW 7:30-10p

(Exact Order for Show TBA)

Ruby Beh
DeAnna Freeman
Ashley Lopez & The Allegro Dance Co
Razia Star
Alicia BellyCraft
9 Ladies Dance Theatre
Nancy Trunzo
Kendra Katz
Tessera Tribal
Happy Hips Adapted Movement & Dance
Julie Kovatch

SATURDAY Aug 12 Festival Show Part 2: CALLTIME 12p, SHOW 12:30-2p

(Exact Order for Show TBA)

Alisa Gurova
Rose Hips
Amira Jade
Shea Alexa
Kate Soleil
Troupe Azhaar
Elixir Belly Dance
Kali Lila
Margaret Gustafson
Celandine Danse
Nicole Ginette

SATURDAY Aug 12 JamBallah Showcase Night 2: CALLTIME 7:30p SHOW 8-10:30p

(Exact Order for Show TBA)

Mardi Love
Sarah Ebert
Serena Spears
Jordan Galliott
Lucine Dance Company
Heather Powers
Belly Funk
Emilie Lauren
Hybrid Movement Company
Scarlet Thistle
Elena Villa
Kimberly Larkspur
Sedona Soulfire
BlackDiamond BellyDance


SUNDAY Aug 14 Festival Show Part 3: CALLTIME 3p  SHOW 3:30-5:30p

(Exact Order for Show TBA)

Ashley Throw
Jill and The Academy
Sophia Ravenna
Gypsy Heart Tribal
Marisa Copley
Elinore eaton
Benu Rising
Amira Sereia
The Unseelie
Midnight Rose
Tanya Finley
Laura Blake


Important Notes For Performers:

  1. HOORAY, SHOWERS! Available in the theater dressing rooms. Great news for those planning to make a day of it. Feel free to ask at the Info Booth, and they'll direct you if you need.

  2. MUSIC AND CLASS REGISTRATIONS DUE BY JULY 10, NO EXCEPTIONS. AIFF or WAV format preferred, then Mp3. Email music file or download link to jamballahmusic@gmail.com.

  3. There will be ample dressing room space available, including large makeup mirrors.
  4. We will have lovely washes of stage lighting but at this time cannot guarantee any special lighting requests. There will be an opportunity to let us know the 'mood' of your piece when you fill out your Stage Notes form here.
  5. We are not able to offer plus-ones for the Showcases, because of the small theatres and the massive amount of performers per show. Tell your folks to get on the mailing list for promo codes for shows! 
  6. Professional quality photography of ALL performances will be offered by Casey Campbell Photography, Glisson Imaging, Phoebus-Foto. Images will be free-use for all performers for promo/portfolio, though HD images for print will have to be negotiated separately through individual photographers. If you would like to schedule a studio shoot while at the fest, Glisson Imaging and Phoebus-Foto will have a studio set up onsite and are available for private photo sessions for individuals and troupes. Contact Dennis Glisson <glisson.imaging@gmail.com> or Guy Masson <guy.masson@gmail.com> to schedule. (More info on our Vendors page)
  7. DJ Amar will be returning to shoot videos! I'm subsidizing the cost, so even though we're hiring a professional videos will only be 10$ per performance. DJ Amar has estimated that he can have everyone's video to them by two weeks after the festival at the latest, most will be sooner. Instructor's videos will be uploaded to the Narcissa Productions YouTube page after approval automatically, everyone else is free to upload your file to your personal YouTube account, or if people want me to upload to the official Narcissa account I can do that and will do it for free, but it might take several weeks. Please email me after the fest at info@jamballahnw.com if you would like to have your video uploaded to the official page. 
  8. Video Order Form
  9. Performers are welcome to watch from one of the two voms, (entrance hallways), or sit in any unsold seats that may be available FOR THE SHOW YOU ARE IN, if the shows don't sell out. Be careful not to block the hallways if people need to move through them. If you want a guaranteed seat in any show, you will have to purchase a ticket.

Rules and Regulations

Please read the Rules and Due Dates below- failure to follow directions may result in loss of your spot.

1. Music is due NO LATER THAN July 10, 2017, in a single track with your group's name as the start of the song name. AIFF format preferred, then WAV, then MP3. (MP3 files produce much lower-quality sound on a pro board) Email music file or download link to jamballahmusic@gmail.com. Failure to submit music by the due date will result in a loss of your performance spot. If two performers choose the same music, the one who got it in first will get first priority. If your file is too big to email, I like DropBox and WeTransfer for sending downloadable links. Don't forget to send in your Stage Notes form too!

2. Support the fest! All non-instructor participants must be registered for a minimum of three hours, so either two 2-hour ALL classes, OR one 3-hr INT/ADV class. EXCEPTION: If you are performing with an instructor in their Instructor Spot, you are exempt from class registration requirements for that spot.

'Troupe Total': Groups of three or more must sign up for the equivalent of one 2hr class per person to hit their 'troupe total', but each person is not required to be registered individually. You will have until July 5 to meet this requirement or you forfeit your spot to someone on the wait list. (Musicians who join the show to provide live music for performers do not count towards your 'troupe total' for this purpose, and are exempt from class requirements.) Example: There are 5 people in my troupe. We will need to have at least 10 class hours between all of us to meet the troupe total to retain our spot, but each person don't need to be signed up for something individually.

3. Performers are allowed a MAXIMUM of one dance spot with 4 or fewer members onstage (solos/duets/trios/quads). No limit for performing in Large Troupes (5+ members onstage) Examples: I'm performing with two Large Troupes (5+ members onstage)- OK. I'm performing with my trio and also want to do a solo- (SORRY, NOT OK). I'm performing with my duet and also with a Large Troupe (5+ members onstage)- OK.

4. Performers will be required to meet the minimum class purchase for each spot separately, if accepted for multiple spots. Example: I am performing in a Large Troupe (5+ members onstage), and also as a soloist. To retain both spots I will need to sign up for one 2-hr class for the troupe, and also one 3-hr OR two 2-hr classes for the solo.

5. Multiple pieces in one spot: Including a solo and then a group piece in one spot is fine- it's considered part of your troupe piece, so it's A-OK if you're a member of an accepted troupe (not a guest who didn't apply). The entire set must fall within your 5m allotment, including transition time.

6. Live music? Awesome! Setup/teardown must fall within your 5m allotment. Live musicians must supply their own amps and microphones.

7. Specific show assignments are at the discretion of the producer.

8. Please adhere to calltime, 30m prior to start of show.  You are expected to be ready to perform at any time during your show, if an emergency lineup-shift occurs.  (We'll *try* not to, but s^$# happens.)


10. NO Loose glitter or body glitter. It gets in the lights. We will have fixing-spray onsite for face glitter.


Artist Rep sits on two parking lots run by City Center Parking, which charges $7.50 a day weekdays, 5$ on weekends.  They can be accessed on SW Alder. If the lot is full, the garage under the building is also part of the paid-lot and for our use. The building is also easily accessed by several public bus lines and the MAX at PGE Park, if you choose to park offsite.  There is ample metered street parking around the building, from 90m to 5hr limits, and street parking is free after 7p.


If you haven’t already please mark that you are “going” to the event on Facebook.  Please invite your fans/friends/family to the event as well, and let them know you'll be performing! We also have flyers and posters, please contact me if you would like to help with distribution. Every little bit helps!

Facebook Event for Festival: https://www.facebook.com/events/272587446484501

Facebook Event for Shows: TBA

Workshop Tickets: https://app.arts-people.com/index.php?ticketing=narpr

Show Tickets: https://app.arts-people.com/index.php?ticketing=narpr

Thanks so much again, much love and here's to upcoming greatness! Love to all!

~Elise of Narcissa Productions LLC, Executive Producer